Gong is the first instrument heard in Thai folk songs. It announces to the listeners when the song is about to begin. We use the gong to tell our customers that their food ceremony is about to begin.


We prepare modern Thai dishes with roots in the true flavor of Thai cooking. We use only the freshest ingredients to achieve the most authentic, pure and intense flavors. A prefixe menu is offered at lunch, while dinner features a selection of over 30 dishes inspired by our passion for herbs.

Enjoy your meal in a laid back mood with our finest hot or cold beverages including our signature drinks and special herbal loose leaf teas that please the senses, as they cleanse the body.

Gong is based on three principles: good food, good service and good prices.

cup of tea


When people want to celebrate, their first option is usually to drink beer, wine, etc. However, we wanted to provide an alternative celebration drink: tea. Tea offers a form of happiness and relaxation that can't be achieved by alcohol. Additionally, there are health benefits linked to drinking tea, such as boosting your immune system. Some teas that we offer include ginger honey tea, lemongrass tea, and ginkgo biloba tea.